Sunday, October 17, 2010

Circlelord Avante 18

The Circlelord for the Avante 18 on the HQ Studio table, fits between the Rails. It goes on, and off, in seconds. Available for Grace Frames as well.

The distance between the rails is 19.5 inches, and the sides of the rail are straight on both
sides, so the Crossbar clamps in securely.

Avante Circlelord on  HQ Studio Table

The Stylus Assembly attaches to the side of the machine using the threaded hole used by  the Laser Wand. The Laser Wand then screws into the side of the CL Stylus Assembly.

View of the Circlelord on back table from the end.

Circlelord assembly reversed on table to use the Large Circle Blade to make circles up to 20 inches. This blade is also used on the CL Baseplate to do Baptist Fans.

List of Parts and Templates included in Avante Circlelord.
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